An Exciting Future for Goodbye

The Covid lockdown may have hit her business hard, but Goodbye’s founder, Becky Cashman, is excited about what the future holds.

Goodbye makes and sells natural sand-fly repellent, sunscreen, Manuka balm and headlice treatment. The brand is sold mostly via supermarkets, as well as pharmacies, health stores, and sports and tourism outlets.

As has been the case for many people, the lockdown gave Becky time to pause and reflect on what she wants for her business and her life.

“I’m excited even though my business has had a terrible last eight weeks. I get the sense that people are making decisions in a more considered and values-based way and that natural health products businesses like mine are in a really good place to help people learn and grow that side of their decision-making.”

Becky says Goodbye has been talking about the value of keeping it natural and good stewardship since its establishment 20 years ago.

“People weren’t always ready to hear it but the Covid situation has helped many to understand that we are living unsustainably. So how does addressing that translate to how we live our lives and what’s important?”

“I feel like Covid has allowed me to more fully move into who we have always been as a business; the difference is that now people are ready to hear about it. Our customers and readers are more engaged in my blog and the business is becoming more itself.”

Although she believes the lockdown has provided Goodbye with a huge opportunity, Becky is realistic about the challenges ahead.

Although Goodbye was able to supply supermarkets as an essential business during the lockdown, consumers were buying toilet paper, bacon and cleaning products rather than outdoor-related health products.

Despite the challenges, Becky is looking forward to maintaining the deeper and more meaningful connection with Goodbye’s customers. Being a largely outdoor product brand makes Goodbye well placed to bounce back now that domestic travel and tourism is starting to open up again.

“There will always be sand-flies, sun, mountains and the ocean. New Zealand has an amazing environment to play in, so we will be there one way or another!”