Artemis – Old traditions bring new health benefits for New Zealanders

Old traditions bring new health benefits for New Zealanders

Artemis – named in honour of the ancient Greek goddess of nature, wilderness and healing plants –is one of New Zealand’s leading traditional plant medicine company. All its products
are made in New Zealand, yet the company is deeply rooted in proven European healthcare

Its founder, Sandra Clair, grew up in Switzerland, where plant-based medicines co-exists with modern drugs and are widely integrated into contemporary health treatments. A chance
encounter with a renowned Swiss traditional herbal medicine expert in 1992 triggered
a deep passion for natural medicine, inspiring Sandra to embark upon an apprenticeship
to learn centuries-old knowledge.

During this time and in subsequent tertiary studies in Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, Sandra gained in-depth knowledge about plants’ unique properties, their medicinal
actions and the techniques for harvesting and preparing the highest quality
plant medicine.  She also learned how using healing plants daily could support good health, vitality and quality of life.


Sandra at the wild alpine Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) harvest in Central Otago