Call for Fish Oil Papers Immediate Retraction and Apology

Call for fish oil paper’s immediate retraction, and apology

Natural Health Products NZ says that a NZ Medical Journal paper on fish oil products is so fundamentally flawed that it should be retracted immediately, and a public apology issued to the natural health products industry.

Its concerns are in relation to the paper published today: “Are over-the-counter fish oil supplements safe, effective and accurate with labelling? Analysis of 10 New Zealand fish oil supplements”, authored by Julia J Rucklidge, Shelby Hantz and Ian C Shaw.

Natural Health Products NZ Chairperson Lorraine Moser says: “The paper’s researchers have made fundamental calculation errors in the way they have interpreted the omega-3 test results. The errors have resulted in completely the wrong conclusion being drawn about the label claims made by the fish oil products tested.”