Health 2000 celebrates difference

Health 2000 has looked after Kiwis’ natural health needs since 1993. During this time, it has grown to be New Zealand’s largest natural health products retailer, with 54 stores in the co-operatively owned group.

CEO Gavin Muller says Health 2000 differs from other retailers in that it is very focused on offering new products that are not mass-distributed so are therefore different to what is in the marketplace.

It’s a great fit with the innovative side of the natural health products industry, providing opportunities for Natural Health Products NZ’s small and large manufacturer members alike.

To that end, Health 2000 has noticed a big increase in the immunity category and associated product development, which is likely to be in response to Covid-related customer demand.

However, the company’s point of difference goes beyond what it sells, to how it sells.

“We offer a subscription based personalised nutrition service, Care Pack. Nobody else is doing that to the same extent in New Zealand,” says Gavin.

“It’s the ideal solution in the current Covid environment because Care Pack customers get a monthly tailormade subscription delivered direct to their door.”

Although Health 2000 is adept at creating new opportunities, it is not shying away from the challenges facing natural health products retailers.

“Discount retailers are by far and away our biggest challenge and it has a ripple-effect throughout the sector,” says Gavin.

“Downward pressure on margins puts suppliers under financial pressure, which flows on to suppliers cutting back on things like the number of reps on the road, etc.”

Despite the challenges, Gavin says Health 2000 has always focused on the premium end of the market and has no interest in the discount market space.

“We pride ourselves on the high quality of our people, service and products and are committed to maintaining this point of difference.”