Lifestream still going strong after 40 years

It has been four decades since Lifestream established itself as a leader in plant-based nutrition, taking the Australasian natural health market by storm with its pioneering spirulina and aloe vera products.

Since then it has grown from a one-person business, to a 30-strong team. The New Zealand owned company exports around half its products to countries as diverse as Iceland, China and Australia.

Even though many other brands now market spirulina and aloe vera health products, Lifestream’s are still regarded as the premium offering, says Lifestream’s Chief Executive Andrew Smith.

However, Lifestream isn’t resting on its laurels, and continues to introduce innovative, efficacious and sustainably produced plant-based products such as aloe vera with turmeric, and with Manuka honey. It also makes a wide range of products with other plant-based active ingredients, such as kiwifruit, honey, ginger, greens and probiotics.

“There’s an increasing market demand globally for plant-based natural health support and we are well placed to grow in the immunity category as well as expand into new markets,” says Andrew.

Unsurprisingly, Covid has put brakes on Lifestream’s export growth strategy but that challenge was off-set by an unexpected opportunity, which saw the company partner with a distillery to develop an aloe vera hand sanitizer.

“We supplied it to the Ministry of Defence, our employees and those in need. It was more about public service, rather than profit, but the product has proven so popular that we have kept it on even though hand sanitizer is now widely available.

“The ability to pivot quickly to this completely new product line was the catalyst for positive change and demonstrated just how nimble we can be.

“It was great to be able to live our ethos of helping to keep people healthy and make their lives better,” says Andrew.

Mohammad Ziady (left) from Lifestream’s Operations team and Andrew Smith (right).