Probiotic Pioneering Continues at Blis Technologies

Few natural health product companies can claim to have its own bacteria library – one of the many things that makes Blis Technologies unique.

Dunedin-based BLIS first came to fame 20 years ago when founder Professor John Tagg launched the world’s first oral health probiotic bacteria – BLIS K12™ followed some years later by BLIS M18™ – both are strains of Streptococcus salivarius which occur naturally in the oral cavity. However, only around 2% of the population have these healthy bacteria at levels high enough to be effective.

Although BLIS K12™ was initially developed as a probiotic supplement to support throat health, its benefits were found to be more wide-reaching as further studies were completed. It has also been found to support infants and childrens’ ear, nose and throat health, as well as improving bad breath (halitosis).

The second strain – BLIS M18™ – promotes healthy bacterial balance for dental health.

Both strains were discovered by Professor John Tagg. Over the years he has catalogued a collection of more than 1000 bacterial strains, giving BLIS an amazing library to use for future development.

Professor John Tagg (left).

Blis Technologies’ Chief Marketing Officer Julie Curphey says the innovative company has always been well ahead of its time: “We have been true pioneers in developing probiotic strains targeted towards the health of the oral cavity and globally, we are considered experts in this space”.

The company has a dedicated R&D team and the next strain to be commercialised is related to the health of skin and will launch during 2021.

Julie says this product has been a very long time in the making.

“Incredibly robust science goes into developing new strains and products, understanding their microbial properties, formulating products and testing them. It took us a number of years to develop and formulate the new product to ensure the probiotics are protected (ie kept alive), have stable shelf-life and therefore provide benefits to the user”.

It’s an exciting time for BLIS, but the company isn’t resting on its laurels.

“As the world’s leading experts in these types of probiotics, we are always working on discovery and research.

“Professor Tagg has dedicated his entire life to bacteria and our next probiotic product is yet another example of what can be achieved.

“There’s a lot of incredibly exciting science happening in relation to the various microbiomes in and on the body, and how they all interact with each other. It’s really exciting for BLIS to be a part of that,” says Julie.