Response to New Zealand’s Legal Harvest Assurance System Issues Paper

It has come to our attention that the proposed New Zealand’s Legal Harvest Assurance System (timber) has the potential to impact consumer goods including NHPs.  See here for the link to the consultation document and MPI website

MPI is seeking feedback on the framework.  Consultation closes tomorrow, Thursday 16 May, 5pm. 
This potential issue seems to have flown under the radar but has been identified by those in the consumer goods industries late in the piece and brought to our attention. 
Without exclusion, this system could potentially capture (for example):
•             Enzogenol
•             Totarol
•             Manuka Oil
•             Vege caps

Table 1 is the key quick reference.

Natural Health Products NZ has prepared a submission to outline our concerns.

Members who may be impacted by this sytem can make a submission via the MPI website

We will monitor this consultation and update members accordingly.